Terms & Conditions

Based upon the information you provided to us on this service request, your contract appears to provide coverage for this item. Please be advised that there may be conditions precluding or limiting coverage under the terms, limitations, and exclusions of your contract, and that we may ultimately determine that coverage does not apply or is limited. Further investigation regarding the facts surrounding this claim could affect the available coverages and how they apply here. HSA will select an authorized service contractor for your service request and you are required to pay a Trade Service Call Fee to the contractor at the time of service. Please review your contract for further clarification of your coverages. Coverage under the terms of your contract includes malfunctions due to normal wear and tear during the term of your contract and the covered items must be: 1. In good working order on the effective date of your contract unless your contract explicitly provides otherwise; and 2. Installed for diagnosis within the confines of the main foundation of the home or attached or detached garage (with the exception of the air conditions, exterior well pump, septic tank, and pool and/or spa equipment); and Domestic grade.